Resize with a vertical screen

I have two screen, one which is my better screen (Eizo CS2420) is vertical. I am unable to downsize PL4 window to the width of the screen, even putting it in full screen mode leaves a part of the window outside of the screen.

while working with 2 monitors since long time I never flipped them.
In Win 10 you might try out the following (check for the arrow)
have fun, Wolfgang

Hello, Yes I had to do as you says or it wouldn’t display properly. Meanwhile I found the solution : Photolab wants to display a minimum amount of menus which don’t fit in 1200 pixels with a 125 % text size. If I go down to 100% with text scale, then everything is fine.

It’s easy to see : try to reduce the horizontal size to the minimum, you’ll see that at some point, you can’t reduce further, and this limit exceeds my screen size when in portrait mode with a text scale of 125%.

Hello Etienne,
thank you for your feedback. About 3 years ago my trusted Quato 262ex went wrong. I considered several scenarios including to flip the monitor. Instead I chosed one with higher resolution (Eizo CG2730) and kept the Eizo L767 as extended screen, the latter one calibrated externally, so that it works for now.
have fun, Wolfgang