resize confusion

I’ve read older posts about resizing, including the resizing mode in 4.2. But I’m still stumped by something that’s fairly intuitive in other software.

Using the latest PhotoLab, I’m printing a horizontal image on letter-size paper. On screen the image seems to fill the canvas. But, I guess the photo’s aspect ratio is different, so it always prints with a while border at top and bottom (ie, along long sides).

Ideally what I’d do is enlarge the image so the left/right sides fell off the canvas, and then I’d move/center the image so the part I want would print.
Is there a simple way to eliminate the white borders and have edge-to-edge printing?


In order to get exactly what you want on a borderless, letter-sized print, crop the image with a 17:22 ratio. For a print with borders, use 16:21 for half inch borders or 15:20 for one inch borders.