Resize and rotate Clone/Repair selections


I think the Repair/Clone tool miss additionnal control, especially when fixing curved part of an image. I would like to see the ability, when using repair/clone tool to:

  • Rotate the target zone (or source zone)
  • Resize the target zone (or source zone)

GUI could be something like that, but made ergonomic, pretty and efficient:

Are you in with me on this one ?

I voted. There have been times when I wished I could rotate a cloned patch. Would have made some repairs easier.

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Would be very useful so I have voted too.

I like this very much. I would also like the ability to flip the cloned area. I repair a lot of old scanned images and sometimes eyes (or other things)are damaged but there are other objects that work if flipped. I dont want to have to leave Photo Lab to do this.

Like it too…voted…thanks

I can see there being used for this so I’ve given it a vote also.

I think the ui of it would need to be carefully done however. Maybe the extra rotation/flip function being activitied by a keyboard shortcut or tick box so as to only be visible when actually wanted.

Ok, thank you DXO team, it seems this have been implemented and called ReTouch. Good !

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