ReShape Feature Requests

I upgraded to VP4 primarily for the ReShape tool, which I’m pleased to find I’m using more than I expected. It’s a bit fiddly/tedious to use, however, and there are a couple of things DxO could do to make it easier/faster to use:

  1. Allow users to pivot or warp a group of points from one side/corner. For example, if I’m using ReShape to straighten an edge and I select a 6x3 group of points, it would be so much faster if I could drag the top left corner or left edge of the group and the points would shift by proportional amounts within the group. As it is, I have to shift the leftmost points by, say, 10 pixels, then the next points over by 8 pixels, then the next ones by 6 pixels and so on. Or worse, I have to shift each point individually, e.g. the top left point by 10 pixels, the point below by 6 pixels, the point to the right by 8 pixels, and so on. It works, but it takes a lot of time and requires me to keep track of the pixel shifts to avoid wonky results.

  2. Allow users to reset a point or group of points without resetting the entire grid. As it is, I have to keep track of all adjustments to all points so that I can manually undo any adjustments as the only reset capability is for the entire grid.

ReShape has a lot of potential, but it’s nowhere as easy to use as similar warping tools in PhotoShop and other editors.

Does anyone know if DxO still monitors these forums, or is there a better way to submit feature requests to DxO regarding ViewPoint?

regarding your #2

Have you tried to double click on one point / the group ?

Thanks, Wolfgang, that worked! I couldn’t find any mention of resetting individual points or groups of points in the user guide. I should have known to try something as simple as double-clicking on a point.