Reset - no DXO correction shortcut for batch images

The only way to reset a batch of photos to their original state one needs to select all, open the preset panel, find the ‘No Correction’ item and click on it. A shortcut like ‘Shift+Command+R’ to quickly reset photos (Not reset user correction) will make DXO workflow much quicker.

What would be usefull is configurable hotkeys wich can launch every possible dxo command with every possible argument.
People on this forum often ask for half (and half is an euphemism) solution when full solution is needed.
We are in 21th century and about every software has configurable hotkeys since long time ago now.

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You can also vote for that in one of these topics:

Thanks @JoPoV
Unfortunately, most people don’t want or know that they can change shortcuts. I am a product designer and see many people working on various products. Most barely know or use basic OS shortcuts like Copy/ paste, Select all…, etc. however I do agree that PL needs to allow for custom shortcuts especially since many PL users use other editing tools or migrate from somewhere else and want to have the same workflow.

One consideration is what should the defaults be? The app is localised to English, French, German, Japanese and Chinese. (P)rint in English, is (I)mprimer in French and (D)rucken in German.

@Joanna I think PL needs to follow Adobe or one of the other major players. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. But thanks for raising multilingual issues.

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The golden standard is Capture One. Amazing shortcutting capabilities. Another application that does it very well is Final Cut Pro from Apple. I have made this case to @StevenL many times :slight_smile: But of course it’s ultimately a matter of priorities. My hope is that the next PhotoLab will be more of a kaizen release with a strong focus on workflow, end-to-end. Feature-wise there is not much I miss (with a feature being significant new functionality like HDR or Panorama for example).

And more than that, some shortcuts do not work well on every keyboard configuration (english, french, etc …).
For example [ and ] shortcuts often used on english keybords are not easy to use (and sometime useless) on french keybords. So configurable hotkeys seems to be needed.

Configurable hotkeys wich can launch every possible dxo command with every possible argument, and possibility to save and load a hotkey (ascii would be better) config file.

That ! would be a complete tool for shortcuts.

I already voted for the first one.
The second one only asks for new assigned shortcuts, and I think (for several reasons) configurable hotkeys are the way to be so I didn’t vote for it.

CMD+P is the shortcut for print on a “set up to German” Mac since quite a while.

The troubles with shortcuts are

  1. There’s no centralized database for all apps running on a machine. Some basics like open/close/safe/copy/paste/print are more or less well-known and the same in a lot apps.
  2. Sending shortcuts via TeamViewer from a Mac to a PC is asking for troubles (but then, need for home-office will be over at some time).
  3. I can’t remember all of them, sometimes not even the most needed on a rarely used app.
  4. On some ocassions I activated a shortcut, unwillingly. And suddenly I was in full screen mode, not finding the way out, or toolbars were gone and could not be reactivated as I didn’t know what deactivated them in first place.
  5. But they are very helpful when using the app with a tablet (with added function keys), with another mouse with more function keys, with some devices like loupedeck. Here I take the trouble to find out the shortcuts, but in DxO there’s not that much to find.

I have already said it several times for me the current reference is C1 not only with the setting of its shortcuts but especially with its “Speed Edit” that allows you to modify settings very very quickly.

I switched off “SpeedEdit” as I usually like to do a bit more than only general settings. At some point I’d need to leave SpeedEdit mode. Maybe it would be different if I had to edit a couple of hundred images daily but I guess, I’d rather invest in some tangent devices then.