Reset image to apply a new "Auto-apply Preset"

Fully agree. Even with “no Correction”, DPL has to do something…which is DxO’s interpretation of how images should look. And that look is different from Lightroom’s and Capture One’s and…

At least, Lightroom (to name one) can be set to display the built-in jpeg preview until one decides to apply something like “no correction” or any other preset. This, among other things, allows Lightroom to display all images contained within a structured repository, including all images located in subfolders - without sucking up all of the computers resources to calculate previews that usually don’t interest at such very moments.

I use this “show all” feature to update all metadata in files (sidecars or not) in cases where I want. Updating/writing all of the 48k files takes about 30 minutes on my Mac. It takes about the same time for DPL7 to index the lot when I start out after having deleted its database.

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I use Nikon.
The display preview is a user choice too. It depends of what picture control you choose in your camera (if I’m wrong correct me).
Since PL6, I found that using my camera profile is very close to standard rendering.
I often shoot raw + jpg (when burst rate is not a to much big problem, so I can fast see when to switch to NX studio - Yes, nikon really knows how to render colors with its cameras) so I know what differences are.

Pl is really good (the best) when it’s about getting the more precise details from my images (I generally don’t use deepprimeXD but deepprime, so no non-real reconstructed details).
Maybe not as good as nikon for realistic colors without user adjustments but it really gives good results since wide gamut (still a little tendance to oversaturate, I agree).

Here are a Nikon JPG compared with PL output with only lens corrections (which doesn’t do much with this lens in good lighting conditions), my camera (D850) color profile (protect saturated color at 0) and exposure -0.18.



Not that bad ?

PS : those images are not good test for noise reduction. I could have render them without any noise reduction, they didn’t need it.

The “picture control” camera setting is not understood by dxo pl. Picture control is only used in camera to generate the jpeg and the raw inbedded jpeg.
You can do following test: take different pictures of the same subject with the same camera settings but different “picture control” settings. In dxo pl all this images will render the same way, even you put the “picture control” in monochrome it will render the same way in color. This is normal behavier for non camerea brand raw convertors. Only the nikon raw convertor will understand the picture control setting. “Picture control” is a camera specefic setting.

No it’s not. Only Nikon know exactly how to do this rendering.
What I said is that embedded jpg in raw is a user choice depending on what picture control is choosen.
I didn’t said that PL can do nikon rendering (neither any other demosaicer, even those which pretend this).

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Yes, it is now but only on Creative picture control available on some Nikon cameras:

It’s the same support that DPL had until now with Fuji camera renderings, and now the Reglages that we had until v6 for Fuji:

are now for Fuji and Nikon in v7:

Perhaps it’s not exactly as Nikon but quite good.

You have all available Nikon rendering in Numeric film Rendering category