Reset All DxO PL5 Settings to Default

I want to reset DxO PL5 to the “Factory Default” status so I can troubleshoot issues. Is there a settings directory or file that I can just delete to start from scratch? I could just uninstall and reinstall-install but was hoping there was some simpler procedure.


Reinstalling won’t delete or overwrite things like the database, plist files and caches. Your best bet is to delete those manually.

What kind of problems are you seeing?

Well, I have the App Cleaner app that removes everything - and that is what I would use to get a fresh start. My issue (another post) is that DxO PL5 can’t access my iCloud images. Navigating to the files in Finder and right clicking on an image and selecting “Open with DxO PL5” doesn’t work all - no response, no error message, nothing. I can see the iCloud Drive in favorites but it shows as “iCloud (Archive)” and doesn’t include the image files I have loaded - just the older stuff in iCloud. And, DxO PL5 won’t let me navigate to ~/Library/ - it doesn’t even show Library under my User account. (I can navigate there in Finder - though it is normally hidden.) I had some issues with iCloud (I expanded to the 2 TB license and turned on including Documents and Desktop and then turned that off). I think DxO somehow got locked into the old version of iCloud (e.g., the “Archive” label). I thought starting DxO PL5 in a fresh state might help.

I’m not sure that your issue can be fixed by deleting DPL preferences, but hey, why not try.

  1. Click on your user folder, press command-J and check the box to make your user Library folder visible in Finder.
  2. In your newly visible Library folder, find the “Preferences” folder and rename DPL5’s preferences files. They are called com.dxo.photolab…plist.

One other thing to try is to reset security settings. Search Apple Support pages for details.

I checked my Mac Studio and I have the same issues as the MBP16. DxO can’t see or access the iCloud data. So, uninstalling doesn’t seem like it would be helpful. (I do have the complete File Access permissions set for DxO PL5 in Settings/Security Privacy - so permissions don’t seem to be the problem.)

I checked a couple of other apps that run on both Windows and Mac (and thus are not using the native Apple API to access data) - On1 2022.5 and Fast Raw Viewer 2.0.5 - and they can both find and access the iCloud files.