Required: please add "F7 for 75% view" (same as F4=100%)

improved usability especially on small monitors where %-view hides behind a small rectanlge in the upper right corner.
F 7 is unused yet. Should not be a big deal.

I never understood that. Viewpoint stays visible and zoom info disappears.
Both are taking 3 positions but Viewpoint I only use once and the zoom info always.
You don’t need F4. A double click toggles between window size and 100%.


I see no zoom option in Viewpoint, anyway, don’t wanna scroll to anywhere just to click 75% from any dropdown menu but just press F7 instead and am done.

What’s the difference between 75% and 100%, except from 25%?
I do agree zoom info must be visible all the time.

Viewpoint is taking to much place on a small monitor. Therefor the zoom info has moved to somewhere else. DxO thinks that Viewpoint is more important on the toolbar as zoom info. That’s wrong.
When moving to Photolibrary you will see the zoom info, when moving to Customize Viewpoint is added.


75% is the lowest magnification where DXO shows sharpening.

Do not understand that, sorry.

I agree with you and voted for this enhancement.

Most software tends to have a quick zoom option that toggles between fit to screen and 100%. In PhotoLab that is accomplished either by double clicking the image of by using the F3 and F4 keys.

However, since the effects of sharpness, the unsharp mask, and chromatic aberration adjustments are not visible below 75% zoom, it would be nice to be able to jump directly to 75% zoom with a single keystroke. While, as @George suggested, these adjustments can also be seen at 100% zoom you see less of the image at one time at that level. I am not sure what any of this has to do with Viewpoint .

The question is on small monitors. The toolbar is to small to contain the info DxO wants us to see. Make the window smaller and you see the change in the toolbar. Problem is that DxO gives priority to Viewpoint, so the zoom info is moved to e drop down list, or whatever it’s called.
When viewing the Photolibrary the Viewpoint is not in the toolbar, so there’s space for the zoom info.
I’ve a small monitor for daily use, so I know the problem and reported it several times.


Good morning guys,

Let me attract @StevenL attention to it.

Svetlana G.

Hi @George George,

Under the “Customize” tab we consider that the zoom level is the “least legitimate” option to show on a smaller window. When in “Customize” the workflow of the user is more about editing and less about culling. This is why for instance, in the first tab (“PhotoLibrary”) the zoom is directly accessible in the toolbar: it’s not a mere “how much space is available”, rather “which features are the most used” in this section…

Of course, when you do not have enough space to show all controls, a hierarchy must be defined.
This will control with which “priority” a tool/button is kept visible as the available space is shrinking down.
Zoom levels are directly accessible with keyboard shortcuts, and zoom can be triggered in many ways (mouse wheel, ctrl/cmd +/-, trackpad pinch in/out, double click…). I will say that the zoom is the most accessible option in PL, and that a user is always able to access it, even in a scenario like yours.


Rather than “wasting” the availability of F7 - another approach would be to make F4 a toggle … so that pressing F4 switches to 100% view, and pressing F4 again (within 100% mode) switches to 75% view.

John M

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I don’t agree.
On a monitor big enough everything is visible. Zoom is also visible in the Customize workflow, as it should since it’s one of the most used tools.
The problem occures when the toolbar is getting to small. DxO gives priority to the Viewpoint. I never understood why Viewpoint was placed on the toolbar even with 3 positions. It’s used only one time in editing. Though there’re several ways to zoom, the zoom info is not direct visible. I think that’s important in an editor that uses a limit of 75% to see the effect of the edits, most edits. I think that’s also the background of the question of @Fotoguido.


I don’t believe in the “more is better” approach. Keep the zoom info visible, that’s all.
It only occures when the program window is to small.


So guys, that is what I see in the Customize tab:

There are at least 3 tabs wich possibly can be made smaller (“Vergleichen”, “Lokale Anpassungen” and “Zurücksetzen”) in a reversed UI. The often needed zoom factor incl. “1:1” and the “cross” are hidden behind the very small triangle in the far right beneath “Preset anwenden”.
So this is not how it should be to be honest. I just wanted to make a proposal for an easy approach to come around this (F7).
Thank you for the discussion.

…and my EIZO is 38x30cm which may be small for some but to me its not exactly small at all.

Hi George,
OK, I see now. What you need is not the “zoom tool” to be visible, rather the current zoom level info, because you’d like to know when you are below (or above) the famous “75%” zoom, right?


That would take away a lot of annoyance. Window size and full size can be done by mouse clicks, and slowly moving with the mouse wheel. And the zoom level info shows me where I’m.
I still don’t understand why the perspective tools are on the toolbar, even with 3 positions.


Well, “F7” would be the easiest solution 'cause there wouldn’t need to be any change on the UI incuding helppagges and staff…

I don’t use those buttons, because they simply initiate default placement of “lines” - - Whereas, if you activate the perspective tool (via the checkbox on the palette) and choose one of the options; then automatic alignment is invoked, and the “lines” are placed in useful positions (sometimes, perfectly !).

John M

And how many times per image do you use it?