Request: Select and move a group of control points belonging to a mask all at once

Hi DxO,

As subject says, the control points cannot be multiple selected to move all at once, and I have to click each one to move them individually. It would be nice to be able to click and drag or “Ctrl+click” to select multiple control points within the mask to move them all at once.

This would be useful since sometimes I take many overlapping shots in a panorama with quite a bit of overlap, only requiring to mask certain features. The mask itself doesn’t change shape that much over the picture series, so if I could simply move them all at once, that would save a lot of time. Thanks.

If I missed how to do it, maybe someone can point out. Otherwise, would be really useful feature to speed up this type of operation, since manually moving to ballpark is time-consuming.

Best Regards,

Hi, Matt. You made a good case for the feature. If you edit your topic heading and change the subcategory from DxO PhotoLab Windows to Which feature do you need, then the topic becomes votable. You can add a vote and the rest of us can consider voting also in order to show interest.

Very useful. It was already posible y in Nikon NX2. Can save much time in certain situations. Please inplement it.

Hi DxO, any decision or prioritization on this item to be able to group select and move control points?

Most other software (Capture NX2, Nik Collection, etc.) have this functionality because it is helpful to be able to move control points in relation to one another.

I am just reminded about the lack of this feature because I spent several hours moving control points on a giant panorama with high dynamic range transitions (I do this to avoid halo/artifacts/etc when blending and to approximate natural look before merge, but there are so many applications for this!).

If anyone else finds that this would be a major improvement in functionality as myself, please chime in and vote, thanks.


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