Request: more control over exporting with downsampling

After using DxO11 and then PhotoLab for about a year in total, I have two requests w/r to the exporting to file:

  1. If I create an export profile with the option “resize” selected and set “maximum size” to e.g. 2000 pixels, the image is always rescaled to have the maximum dimension of 2000 pixels. So if I export a 4000x3000 image using this profile, it is downsampled to 2000x1500 resolution. But if I export a 1200x900 image, it will be upsampled to the 2000x1500 resolution. I doubt this is what most users want (but maybe I’m wrong?). A common use case seems to me exporting before uploading to a website which accepts maximum image size of e.g. 2000 pixels or less. Hence, the user only wants to downsample if necessary, but not upsample. Could we have such an option? It would make working with large sets of cropped images easier.

  2. Another problem is sharpening when resizing. There is no option to control the amount of sharpening applied. Sometimes I end up in a situation when resizing without sharpening results in an image which is too soft, and resizing with sharpening results in an overly sharpened image. I am pretty sure that under the hood PhotoLab is using a sharpening method which accepts some “strength” parameter, so it’s only a matter of exposing this functionality to the user.

Anyway, thanks for a great product!

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Implementing a limit on total number of pixels (a’la Google Photos 16 mpix limit) would be easy. A limit on file size is more difficult because I don’t think you can work out the size of the final JPEG file in other way than actually producing the file.

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