Request: Module for GoPro Hero 7 & 8 Black

There is support for old GoPro cameras, but not for the later models. These are surprisingly capable cameras when shooting raw.

These cameras have fixed focal length, fixed focus, fixed aperture lenses, so getting the calibration image could not be much simpler, could it?

And in case it has changed since the older GoPro cameras, the current raw format is basically DNG with improved compression, and the decoding software is placed in the public domain and published on GitHub by GoPro


Hi DavidS, fully agree on this request. I was kind of very surprised to see that the modules were non existant in DxO Photolab for a brand who is leading the market of action cams. Cheers. Manu

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A sensible request! :slight_smile:

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Any news on this? I’m a bit dissapointet, that I’m not able to use the RAW Files from my Hero 8 Black in DXO

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Yes i agree with you.
Made request here

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I also would love to be able to process my GoPro RAW images in Dxo photolab rather than having to shoot in jpg because it’s not yet supported, that is pretty limiting.


I use GoPro frequently on sporting outings, skiing, cycling, etc. It’s very capable for it’s size, ability to process RAW in PhotoLab would be a plus.


same for Gopro 9. The gopro raw format should be close to dng standard. Adobe dng converter can convert the gopro format to dng. But dxo will not accept these dng files as well. Please add support for gopro 7/8/9 formats.


I use a GoPro hero 8 black and I have the same problem with my gpr files in Photolab 4.
Lightroom and Photoshop support them.
Is there something new in Photolab 5 ?

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Has anyone found a way to work around this lack? I now have a Hero9 Black and am disappointed to discover that DXO doesn’t support the GoPro RAW format GPR. According to @WolleZ here it doesn’t even work if you convert the GPR to DNG using Adobe DNG converter. DxO will not accept the result.

I have PhotoLab 5 and I just opened a folder of new files off my Hero9 and it sees the jpegs but none of the GPR.