Request: Make function of the Esc(ape)-key consistent - for Global vs Local usage

When in Global adjustment mode, the Esc-key (and, presumably, the Cmd-key on a Mac ?) cancels out of the current Global tool. For example; Invoke, say, the Crop tool and then hit the Esc-key … and the Crop tool will be closed. Ditto with any of the other Global adjustment tools.

However, when in Local adjustment mode, hitting the Esc-key does not simply cancel out of the current Local adjustment tool … it cancels the entire Local adjustment mode - taking you back to Global adjustment mode.

It would be better, in my view, for the function of the Esc-key to be consistently applied - so that we know what to expect in standard usage,

John M

PS. I have reached the limit of my available votes :frowning_face:

Me too… so I will give it the +1 :+1:

But this topic shouldn’t even have to be a “request” - it is a flaw that should be fixed.



Actually a request :wink: as LC here is taken as a tool (like crop, red eye etc…) and Esc just closes the tool (same for the Enter key).
So if you think the behavior should be changed, lets see the support from the users.

Svetlana G.

to open and close we have big button topscreen. with “local correction” written in t.
So “esc” would be a " cancel current action". All changes made after opening tool is discarded?
Or just Close?
( remembering cmd key’s wrong and your action can be a surprise., so i use them not often. and that’s why i don’t remember them. :yum: )

Hello Svetlana,

you are very often asking us to place suggestions as votable feature requests. However most of the active contributors to this forum seem to be out of votes now for a considerable time. Since no relevant new features have come up so far we will not regain our votes soon. So how do you plan to go on with the voting feature. Just wait for new forum members to drop by and place their votes or give back some voting capacity to your active contributors. I have been pointing to this problem several times in the past, but not much has happend.

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Indeed, ESC and Enter keys do the same thing.
It’s a idea to convert ESC key to Cancel current action.

In fact, you have two big buttons, VALID et CANCEL.


Hello Wolf,

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Svetlana G.

Yes - that’s my usual/typical expectation for the Esc-key (to cancel/abandon the action currently in progress)
… and I would support a change to that interpretation by PL - as long as it was consistent within Global & Local adjustment modes.


I’ve been thinking about this interpretation (of Local corrections/adjustments as being equivalent in status to one of the Global adjustment sub-tools) - but, it does not stand up, in my opinion;

  • The Local adjustments mode contains a multitude of (sub)tools - - just as the Global adjustment mode does … which makes these modes equivalent, in my view.
  • The Local adjustment mode does not have its own “Close” button - as each of the Global adjustment sub-tools do … which makes them not equivalent, in my view.

So, on that basis, I still reckon it’s inconsistent for the Esc/Cmd key to completely exit Local adjustment mode.
Instead, it should either;

  • Simply complete & close the current (sub)tool - - as it does for Global adjustments
  • OR, as per Pascal’s suggestion, it should cancel the current action, without completing the action (which is more in keeping with standard usage of the Esc key)

Regards, John M

I agree with John-M. I use the esc key to stop what is gooing on, for example when I am trying different approaches to achieve a preconcieved image quality and the phone rings, distracting me from my progression; I want to escape from where I am and start again when I am able.

Hi everyone

We’ll look what we can do about this Esc Shortcut key and its behaviour.
We’re thinking on and assessing how to make a “new experience” around Keyboard shortcuts, as its part of a better usage and also a long time request, so it will integrate this thinking process.

Regarding the Votes, I’ll Close some topics which have already and clearly been identified as most voted request (like HSL) so it will free your votes again. :slight_smile:

Best regards,


Thank You!