Request: Larger "handles" to expand/collapse the Left/Right palette panels

Currently, there are handles ("<" on the right of the left panel … and “>” on the left of the right panel) on which we can single-click to collapse & expand the related palette panel.

This works fine - but, it would be helpful to make these controls much bigger - to facilitate quick action for expand/collapse activation.

John M

Edit: See change to this suggestion below - based on commentary by @mwsilvers

Hi John,

In Windows 10 you can single click anywhere on the edge of the palettes from the top of the screen all the way to the bottom of the screen to collapse or expand them. The mouse pointer does not have to be anywhere near the visible handle. The whole edge is a handle. And, of course, you can also expand or collapse them with the F9 key. I believe you are also on Windows 10, but, if you are on a Mac perhaps it behaves differently.


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Thanks, Mark - - I should have been aware of that, but I wasn’t !
That does help … tho, it’s a more useful tip for the Left panel than the Right panel … because, on my environment at least, the “edge” for the Right panel is quite skinny.
Left edge: DxO_LE - Wide … … … … Right edge: DxO_RE - Skinny

Yes, I do use that short-cut - but, it acts on both panels at the same time.

You’ve given me a better idea, tho … I’ll change my suggestion to request an enhancement to the current F9 action.

  • F9 currently expands/collapses both Left & Right panels, and;
    Ctrl+F9 hides/shows the Image Browser

  • New feature request:
    Shift+F9 to expand/collapse the Left panel
    Alt+F9 to expand/collapse the Right panel

John M


The width of the edge is identical on both sides on my desktop and laptop. I think the reason it looks wider to you on the left is a result of the presence of the vertical scroll bar right next to it on that side which only gives the impression of greater width, especially near the handle. Additionally, Ctrl+F9 is already used to hide/show the image browser.


Yes, you’re quite correct, Mark - - I failed to notice that !
Therefore, even more reason for this enhancement.

Ahhh - My mistake … t’was a typo (that’s my story and I’m sticking with it :woozy_face: )
Have fixed that (in post #3 above) … Thanks, Mark.

John M

Another reason in support of this request:

Yes, but … the mouse cursor must click precisely on the thin border that extends above and below the handles (" < " on the right of the left panel … and “ > ” on the left of the right panel). One cannot click on the thicker/wider border that appears when vertical-scroll is not active for the related panel.

eg. It does not work to click on the border to the left of this handle: image
John M

PS. I’m out of votes :frowning_face: