Request: Keep EXIF/Image-info visible while mouse hovers over image-thumbnail

The Info Panel (Ctrl+I) can be useful - but it gets in the way too much for continuous usage.

On the other hand, the pop-up that appears when mouse is hovered over an image-thumbnail tends to disappear just when you’re part way thru absorbing the details.

Request: Maintain visibility of the EXIF/image information at all times while the mouse-pointer is hovered over the thumbnail (instead of ending visibility after a short time).

Regards, John M … as initially suggested by @pjs123

I ran out of votes but it is a +1 for me


A definite vote from me. I can see no disadvantage to this and it would make the pop up window much easier to use,


Yes, I’m out of votes too … but I’ll come back and vote for this when I get one freed-up.



Agreed, it disappears too quickly for me too!

I’m new to PhotoLab and may have missed something, but I really like the Exif information window in the dock on the Customise tab. I suggest adding this to the dock in the PhotoLibrary tab as well, then exif information would always be visible for the selected image.

Regards, Peter


Not exactly what you asked for … however, this may be useful;

It’s not immediately obvious, but you can display EXIF/image info by pressing {Ctrl+I} and leave this pop-up window open while you scroll thru (or select) different images … the pop-up contents will change to correspond to each new selected image.

Note: I’m using the generic term “image” to refer to any RAW file or JPG, etc.

Regards, John M

PS. This suggestion is NOT proposed as a solution to the request submitted above … It’s just for info.


Thanks John, I hadn’t discovered that, it helps a lot!

Regards, Peter

Never really thought of this, i always did right mouseclick image properties and wondered about the small list of properties:
most of it is visible in the metadata tool: so i didn’t bother to use the image properties alot.

In the new situation as keywords added its also not much more:

So the initial keep visible wile hoovering is indeed better so you can compare 2 imageproperties.
one selected : visual in metadata and one pointed visual in popup. :slightly_smiling_face:

(oh and when the fields in image properties are growing it(ctrl+i) start to be usefull to keep the metadata window small like now.)

I hadn’t thought of that, but it’s a great suggestion :+1: … and it adds significantly to the benefit of this request/suggestion.

John M

Is it possible that this works on Windows only? I don’t see a way to get this info panel on a Mac.

I can’t help you with that question, Christian - - I have only the Win version.
Here’s where to find this option on a Win version menu …

Regards, John M

The manual only documents the keyboard shortcut for PC, and I also can’t find any other way to display any info panel on Mac.

I’d much rather have a panel/overlay I can control than the new tooltip, which duplicates information in the Metadata panel in the Customize tab. Having to think about where I place the mouse pointer or dismiss the tooltip whenever I don’t want it it obscuring the view isn’t great usability.

The problem, at least on the Mac version, is that, if you go to the menu Affichage | Masquer les informations sur les images, you would expect the setting to stick until you wanted them to be shown again.

Instead, the information pops up whenever you move the mouse over any image, regardless of the setting in the menu.

Maybe the underlying idea is useful for some people some of the time but, for others, it is very annoying not to be able to disable it.

If I could, I would downvote this idea -1000

You can - bring it up for a vote.

Yes, I’m one of those « others », too…

Yes - It’s useful in the situation whereby, for whatever reason, you have multiple images selected - - in this case the Info-Window cannot be activated (as, obviously, it can reflect only one image at a time) - - so, it’s very handy to be able to hover one’s mouse of any of the images to see all relevant image info.

Regards, John M

Unfortunately not. But this window is very efficient (more than the tooltip).
I present you a way to use this permanent window.

The View -> Show / Hide Image Information overlay menu is something different. The manual documents it like this:

Show/Hide Image Information overlay: Hides or displays the information overlays provided by DxO PhotoLab (Correction Preview, Original, etc.).

It’s bound to I on Mac, Ctrl-H on PC, and just pops up a fairly useless message saying “Correction Preview” whenever I try it.