Request: Instead of the buttons below: "PREVIOUS x of x images NEXT", just thumbnails + Last used preset

Request: Instead of the buttons below: “PREVIOUS 9 of 10 images NEXT”, just thumbnails.
Okay DXO here we go,

  1. For a batch of images: It takes a lot of time to go back to the first image where you have a filter applied to.
    Solution: a clickable thumbnail would speed up the process.

  2. When you have a batch of images and want to go back a few images, NIK doesn’t remember the preset on the left… The last used preset stays orange. (history shows the right preset you have used, but preset list not)
    Solution: For every image the NIK software remembers which preset you have applied - turns orange in the left screen.

Handy if you create a printscreen of the preset you have used for the editing :slight_smile:

have a nice day,


Hello @patricetroost,

Thank you for the feedback. I moved it to the proper section (NIK). Let me remind you that you can not only create a suggestion but also vote for it (top left corner).

Svetlana G.