Request: Fujifilm X100S/X100T/X100F lens support

I fully understand that, for now, DxO do not support Fujifilm cameras with X-Trans sensors.
As a former X100 (Bayer sensor) user, I much appreciated the lens correction that DxO provided but now as a X100F user, not only do I need to use a non-DxO raw editor but also have to use inferior lens correction solutions (particularly noticeable with architectural photography).

Here’s the crucial info though: the X100F’s lens is identical (not just similar but 100% the same) to the original X100’s (as it is for the X100S and X100T). So please could you add a wee bit to the Viewpoint code that points all four cameras to the X100 lens module.

Note: the most recent variant X100V has a different lens.

Regards, David McA

You might want to also post this over in the PhotoLab feature requests section.
Also, I read in one of the DxO responses that x-trans is likely coming in the next major release, which might be important as I’m not sure if the lens corrections can be applied to non-raw files.
I’m a Nikon FF guy - but if PL starts supporting x-trans, I’ll start looking at those as everyday carry cameras as they seem to be the best of the MFTs.
Oh - and I see that this is your first post. Welcome here!