Request for PhotoLab support for the Olympus 150-400 f4.5 Lens


Please can you add PhotoLab support for the new Olympus 150-400 f4.5 lens that is now beginning to be delivered. DXO has a strong following with us wildlife micro four thirds guys and support for this lens and use with the MC14 and MC20 teleconverters would be very much appreciated!

Many thanks, Peter

Hi, Peter - You can log a request for body/lens support here … Scroll down to see the Request button.

John M

Thanks John, I’ve added a request as suggested.

Best wishes, Peter

I have added the same request - suspect the issue will be dxo getting hold of a copy of the lens to do their work - but would be good to know. Also, whether there is a “good enough” workaround in the meantime


I have noted this lens for the roadmap but we need to get a sample of it to do our measures and edit new Optics Modules.
I can’t give you a date of support yet.


Thanks Marie, I’m still waiting for my lens to arrive, I’m told it should be in the next month.

For how long does DXO need a lens in order to capture the raw data to build a module? I’m wondering whether one of us can visit DXO with a lens, if the measurement process can be completed in a day or so?

Best wishes, Peter

Hello Peter,

we would need the lens 5 days (from Monday to Friday) as we need to do the calibration of the lens alone but also with TC 1.4x and 2x.
If anyone is near Pari with this lens we would be happy to welcom him or her :wink:

Best regards,

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Noted - is there a workaround which will at least let the lens sharpen function work (or a recommended setting for the generic sharpen function)? It’s a great lens with great jpegs but at the moment I am struggling to replicate 300mm PRO lens quality on RAWs after processing given there is no dedicated module.

Hello @s5urf ,

no sorry, if there is no optic module then lens sharpen won’t work, you have to use unsharp mask.


Marie, I’m going to talk to some people at OM Digital Solutions.


any luck - i am using this lens all the time now…

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No response yet.

Still waiting for mine unfortunately, hope springs eternal that May will be my lucky month! :grinning:

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great lens. shame it is not yet supported by dxo. I find I am using jpegs more than I would like.

Fingers-crossed for you Peter! I just got back from shooting a rugby match in LA this weekend with it, and I’m hooked!

Marie, I reached out to OM Digital Solutions France & they only have one copy of the lens in their possession and it’s on loan with their sponsored photographers at the moment. Hopefully they can get one over to you sooner than later. It’s definitely on their radar now.

Agree. I ran a test comparing Olympus Workspace - tried maxing unsharp mask in DXO Photolab and it’s still poor detail, OW significantly better.

Here’s one vote for 150-400Pro module too. I use Topaz SharpenAI with LightRoom as a substitute at the moment but eagerly waiting for the DxO module…

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I have other problems at the moment with DxO including not being able to set up folders with it on a Mac and not being able to use the image viewing strip so am seriously at risk of moving to the “dark side” of lightroom and topaz (though I might still use prime NR, any renewal/repurchase of DxO is looking increaingly unlikely which is a real shame). Though LR is subscriiption, the time I have spent trying to fix DxO is worth 10 years’ LR subscriptions. The lack of support for the lens I use literally all the time is icing on the cake really.

Any news about the module?

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