Request for feedback - from/by the DxO Dev. team

May I suggest that feedback be provided by the DxO development team on requests/suggestions submitted from forum members … otherwise, it can seem like one is simply “talking into the void”.

I would find it most helpful to understand the general status of my requests/suggestions - as a guide to knowing which topics might be useful to cover in more detail, or which ones are pointless in raising, etc

Examples of feedback might be;

  • This suggestion is one we may consider for implementation, if it gathers enough votes.
  • This suggestion is one we are already considering for implementation - please provide more details of your expectation for it.
  • This suggestion is not one we would consider - it’s not on the road-map proposed for PhotoLab.
  • We have no idea what you’re proposing with this suggestion; please elaborate further.
  • This is an interesting suggestion; please provide more examples and justification.
  • etc. etc

At very least, such feedback would let us know that requests/suggestions are being seen by someone representing the


I really was hoping for some feedback on my request for feedback :grinning:


Excellent - - Thank you, Bruno ! :smiley:

Hello @bsayakhom ,

Do you have some time to respond to “Requests” submitted by EA Members?

For example, for this: Request: Facilitate comparison between Uniform & Spot-Weighted Smart-Lighting

Is this something that will be considered for attention - or might be considered - or will not be considered, etc ?

Regards, John M


what is EA? EA ist used for so many things like “Electronic Arts” or “Enterprise Architect”. But must be some sort of privileged member, isn’t it?


Expert Advisor !?
Maybe Early Access :wink:
Welcome Arthur



Yes - - I like this interpretation best !! :sunglasses:

Ah OK, thx.

Endre makes a similar request (see in bold below) for clarification on status of requests: This would greatly help us in determining which requests are possible/viable … and, therefore, which ones to vote for.

Regards, John M

Hallo DxO Team,
leider finde ich hier sehr wenig deutsche User, auch sind die Übersetzungen mitunter mehr als verwirrend, das liegt nicht unbedingt an Euch, sondern eher an der dürftigen Qualität dieser Übersetzungsprogramme.
Von diesem Forum erwarte ich eigentlich Anregungen darüber wie man am sinnvollsten mit diesen Filtern arbeitet, zum Beispiel mit welchem Filter man beginnen sollte und wie man dann die anderen Filter einsetzt um zu einem guten Ergebnis zu kommen. Sinnvoll wären hier Tutorials die man abarbeiten und anschließend hier im Forum besprechen könnte,

Hallo HaGeMa
Dieses Forum ist englischsprachig und alle bemühen sich, ihre Kommentare entsprechend einzugeben. Das dies nicht immer gelingt ist verständlich.

Anleitungen zum Gebrauch gibt es in den Handbüchern zum Produkt oder im Help Center, siehe

This forum is in english and everyone does his or her best when entering comments. It can be understood that the comments are sometimes difficult to read.

How to use the apps is documented in the manuals and the help center, check out the link above…


@HaGeMa Mittlerweile gibt es eine recht aktive deutschsprachige Facebook-Gruppe .