Request for Customizable Preset Preview Window


I’ve been searching the forum for an existing thread about this topic, but as I couldn’t find anything I’m creating a new one - apologies if this was raised in the past and I missed it.

Anyway, here is the request:

Currently, the window that pops up when clicking the “Apply preset” button in the Customize view of Photolab has a fixed size and a fixed number of preset previews displayed per row.

The issues and proposed changes to enhance the user experience:

  1. Depending on the user’s screen size and resolution, there’s quite a bit of unused space that could be used to show more preset previews at same time and hence reduce the amount of scrolling to be done.
    :arrow_right: Adding an option for the preset preview window to use the full available screen space.

  2. As some presets are quite subtle in effect, the default size previews might be too small to properly recognize how the presets will modify the image.
    :arrow_right: Adding an option for the user to define how many preset previews should be displayed per row, and effectively being able to choose the preview size.

I fully realize that those are quite low-priority changes, but still think they would enhance the user experience quite a bit. :slight_smile:

There were posts about the preset panel that usually lives in the left dock of the customize window. These posts asked for a possibility to make the preset panel longer at the discretion of the user so that more presets can be shown without having to scroll. Even the default presets entries cannot be seen all (on Mac).
The size of the preset previews has changed over time and as far as I am concerned, a possibility to scale these previews would be welcome too.

Thanks for the feedback, Platypus. Yes, I saw those posts about the requests for customization of the preset panel (which would definitely also come in handy!), but didn’t want to hijack that thread with my preset preview window request.
Anyway, let’s see if this request gains some traction with other users/ DxO… :slight_smile:

I agree, it would be great to have more control on the Apply Preset window. Even make it so we can move it to another screen. I use three monitors.

Thanks for your thoughts on this.

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