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I’d like that PL add a filter 'with or without keyword"

How about using the search?

Hello Joanna
This is to find out if there are images that need to have the application of keywords for example.

@Joanna how do you search on ‘No keyword’ present!

You are asking DxPL to search on the absence of data in the keywords metadata except that DxPL only creates items in ‘ItemsKeywords’ when there are keywords, i.e. it can search for the existence of keywords and keywords that meet a given criteria, but unless it creates a special “Null” entry in ‘ItemsKeywords’ the entries it is looking for in this case don’t exist in that structure!!

So we are looking for an entry in ‘Items’ where there is no entry in the ‘ItemsKeywords’ structure with the ‘ItemId’ of the image entry in ‘Items’!! I could program that on Unisys DMSII with a ‘FIND KEY OF …’ and a ‘NOTFOUND’ gives me a candidate but in SQL, you are better than me at that.

Or DxPL has to start searching the original images checking on the ‘dc’ and ‘hr’ fields.

I see why @phil59 wants the feature but !!

However, @phil59 asked for a ‘Filter’ option which limits the scope, essentially DxPL would need to take each entry in the Directory, project etc. one by one and check for its existence in ‘ItemsKeywords’ which is doable or rather its “non-existence” in ‘ItemsKeywords’ (actually in the index idx_ItemsKeywords_ItemId)!

I’m supposing by the title of this topic that this is indeed what Phil is asking for. Seems rather complicated unless a search can include a “not” expression (keyword-A and/or not keyword-B - or just not keyword-B). Then this makes more sense to me as a search option rather than a filter.

As far as filtering is concerned, what I would vote for is the ability to show:

  • All images that have no keywords associated with them.
  • All images that have at least one keyword associated.

That would be useful for finding those images that don’t yet have keywords and for picking those that do for a certain task such as export.

It is exactly what i want to do.
By a filter, i want easily find the images without keyword to add them !

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Great, thanks for clarifying that! I’ve added my vote. :smile:

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@phil59 Any filtering option will have to wait for DxO to implement I am afraid.

The “only” workaround I can think of is for you to apply a “NULL” keyword to all images and then change them to whatever they should be as and when!

You can then search for them!

This is a test of the principle and it works but it took a little while to set “NULL” on my 1,000 bulk test images and, given I had AS(ON) set, the keyword was written to every image as well!!

Plus this is going to turn up every “NULL” you have in the database, regardless of the directory they are residing in!!

If you ‘Pick’ every image in a directory first and then search for “NULL” and then filter the results on ‘Pick’

you will wind up with all the images with the ‘Pick’ status and “NULL” but you must remember to unset ‘Pick’ as soon as you want those images to be just “NULL”.

You could also use the ‘Colour Label’ or ‘Rating’ or any variation thereof!

Can I be the first to say - eeeeuuughhh!!! :laughing:

I guess the problem is that a predicate needs a value to search for and, as you have said, in SQL, you can do “WHERE column IS NULL”

Unfortunately, even though the metadata is stored in a SQLite database, there is a “translation” layer that can only cope with a string of characters as typed in to the search field and, if that field is empty, a search cannot be executed. This could be fixed if DxO deemed it worthy.

@Joanna you can say and write that but the “dreadful” workaround will do just that, work, sort of, elegant no but if @phil59 wants/needs to do what he is suggesting then please suggest a better “solution” while he waits for DxO to … whatever it is they do these days!

My first “analysis” of the problem identifies the issue we are facing that we are looking for the absence of something in a database that is generally about the presence of something!

A filter option is the better solution because it restricts the scope.

So a simple alternative (to my “NULL” workaround) is to use ‘Labels’ (PL6 only) or ‘Ratings’ or something which is restricted to DxO, i.e. the ‘Tag’, which can be used in a ‘Filter’ that is currently available.

@phil59 We don’t currently know where keywords are added to images in your workflow, i.e.

  1. Before being discovered in DxPL
  2. By DxPL only
  3. DxPL and externally etc.

To use the ‘Tag’ if you are not already using it as part of your workflow you would need to use the three values that can be used in a ‘Filter’ to identify any image that you have not assigned a keyword to internally (in DxPL) or Externally.

With externally assigned keywords when you do a ‘Filter’ then you will discover images which have had keywords assigned (automatically or manually updated depending on the AS(ON) or AS(OFF) setting) but the ‘Tag’ now needs to be changed! It is your responsibility to manage the ‘Tag’ settings but that is a lot easier than having to scan a directory looking for keywords that are missing!

So the ‘Tag’ workaround could be used while you wait for the real solution!?

All your computer technical explanations are beyond me.
I simply express the wish of a simple user, to easily and quickly find my images which do not have keywords (written in the “keywords*” section and stored in xmp files).

@phil59 I am sorry the first post contained computer related elements.

Your options are that you can wait for DxO to get around to implementing what you need, and I voted for it because I can see the usefulness, and/or you can look for a workaround until that happens.

The workarounds require manual handling by you in DxPL or they would need to be handled in external software if you are using DAM software etc…!

The DxPL workarounds are

  1. Use a field that is currently available in the ‘Filter’ option, e.g. the ‘Tag’, as I suggested, to tag a photo every time you add a photo without a keyword and untag an image when you assign a keyword. Then use the ‘Filter’ option to locate any images in the group you are looking at that are ‘Tagged’ (no keyword) or untagged (keyworded) (or use ‘Picked’=Green for all with keywords and ‘Rejected’ for all with “keywords waiting to be added” and/or
  2. Assign a dummy keyword (“NULL”) to all images, replacing it with the real keyword(s) as and when, this allows for ‘Searching’ and/or
  3. Both to provide a workaround for ‘Searching’ and ‘Filtering’ or
  4. Do nothing and wait until the feature is added to DxPL.

You could start using 1 to 3 now while waiting for 4, but you might have to wait a little longer for 4!


You will be alerted to any posts in this topic because you initiated it but when replying to a user it is useful to use their “handle” to get their attention, i.e. in my case @BHAYT will cause an “alert” to me.


If you set this option then the Tag will be displayed all the time on the thumbnails

and please remember that I am a user just like you and cannot change the product in any way,!

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Thank you for your explanation.
Regards Philippe

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@phil59 Philippe I hope that it helps. I apologise for the computer bits, that was me working out how easy or difficult it might be!

Regardless of that whether DxO will choose to include it in some future development is … i.e. I do not know but at least if you have highlighted the issue it may well be considered as and when they look at that part of the product, if you don’t ask you certainly won’t get but if you do ask then …

@Egregius my ‘Tag’ workaround would work for your scenario of “none versus one or more” but the user has to do the leg-work, albeit it is arguably better than nothing at all (I think!)!

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