Request: Facilitate comparison between Uniform & Spot-Weighted Smart-Lighting

Often, I find myself trying to decide if Smart-Lighting is better applied using the Uniform vs Spot-Weighted methods … However, this can be difficult to do because Mode & Intensity settings are NOT uniquely attached to each Smart-Lighting method.

For example; I may be trying to decide between, say, Uniform with Mode=Slight(Intensity=25) versus Spot-Weighted with Mode=Medium(Intensity=50) …

However, I cannot simply toggle between Uniform and Spot-Weighted to assess the visual differences - because, in the example above, I would have to continually reselect the settings for Mode(& Intensity) as follows;

  • Select Uniform & select Mode=Slight
  • Select Spot-Weighted & select Mode=Medium
  • Switch back to Uniform … only to find Mode is still set to Medium (as it was selected for Spot-Weighted)
  • OK … Re-set Mode=Slight
  • Switch back to Spot-Weighted… only to find Mode is still set to Slight (as it was re-set for Uniform)
  • #$&% … I give up !!

Request: Make the settings for Mode(& Intensity) specific to each Smart-Lighting method.

Why not ?
You can also use virtual copies :wink:


Yes - that is my current work-around, Pascal … but it’s an inconvenient extra step, when all I want to do is decide between Uniform and Spot-Weighted … I reckon it should be a much simpler/easier process.