Request DeepPRIME XD in PureRAW

It would be great if PureRAW included the DeepPRIME XD capability that’s now part of DXO’s PhotoLab 6 Elite version.
For some workflows it’s easier to batch files to PureRAW for noise reduction and image detail recovery.
DeepPRIME XD in a PureRAW workflow would be great.


It will be added to PureRAW but I am guessing that it may not be available until the PureRAW 3 upgrade. Hopefully it will be sooner


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Yeah that would be really great

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Looking Forward to seeing it. Was happy with the performance gains of DeepPRIME XD seen in Photolab 6 but have no need for the extras of Photolab. Looking forward to adding it to my workflow.

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I have no inside info on DxO plans for PureRaw 2 or 3, but as someone in a PhotoLab 6 trial, IMO the additional noise reduction given by DeepPRIME XD compared to DeepPRIME is minimal, and it does in some cases introduce some artifacts I don’t see with DeepPRIME. It also takes more hardware resources. I will be sticking in most cases with DeepPRIME and only reediting with XD if DeepPRIME isn’t cutting it, which I expect will not be needed often. XD may get better in terms of artifacts with some PL updates.

I’ll tell you what I think would be more valuable to PureRaw than adding or switching to DPXD for noise reduction: adding the ability to increase with sliders the level of noise reduction and sharpening. I edited the same noisy image in PhotoLab 6 and PureRaw 2. If you just take the default settings for DeepPRIME noise reduction, sharpening, and optical corrections in those, PhotoLab 6 Elite and PureRaw 2 are almost even–little advantage to either one–which is what you’d expect. But if you bump up noise reduction in PhotoLab 6 Elite past the default 40 to 70-100 which you can’t do in PureRaw 2, PL6 Elite DeepPRIME is IMO more effective than PureRaw 2 in noise reduction and better than DeepPRIME XD which gets artifact-y.

PureRaw is competing more directly with Topaz PhotoAI than PhotoLab. PhotoAI does allow feature toggling and slider level adjustment for noise reduction, sharpening. PhotoAI also allows AI masking to sharpen the subject only; the accuracy of the masking is still a little buggy, as it is with other software companies. PureRaw 2 OTOH offers optical corrections that Photo AI does not. But careful adjustment of noise reduction and sharpening sliders in PhotoAI can produce IMO a better image than PureRaw 2. Your mileage may vary; opinions are divided, as some don’t like what Topaz software does to an image.

Adding this ability may water down one clear advantage of PureRaw, it’s no muss, no fuss, nothing to configure, run the image file in and out it pops, with better clarity than you can get in Lightroom at this time.