Request: Crop Tool - Ability to customise opacity of area outside the crop

It’s not always easy to apply a suitable crop when the image is sufficiently bright as to be quite obvious in the area outside the crop that one is considering.

Request: Provide an Opacity slider for the Crop-tool … to apply to the area outside the crop.

Opacity can be changed in PL on MAC:

Yes … That’s exactly the feature we need replicated in the Windows version.

I have no vote free to your request :frowning:
despite the promise of 10 votes :frowning: :frowning:

And yet I already voted in December …


Hi Pascal.

Ah, Yes - I forgot that I had already raised this request !

May I suggest we both remove our vote from the December item (the one you referenced above), and add our vote to this version instead … because this one is not restricted to EA members only - so, it may attract more votes.

Regards, John M

Of course Yes!


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