Request: Color balance

I am a new user of PhotoLab and come from Capture NX2. The function that I miss and which I would like is COLOR BALANCE. It may look similar to WHITE BALANCE, but it is different as a way of thinking. In fact, it shifts the histogram of a selected color channel to the left or right. I can achieve the same effect through Levels, but at the cost of more clicks and less clarity of the corrections I’ve made.
For visualization, I attach a screenshot of the same feature in Capture NX2, emphasizing the important adjustments I see. Of course, in many other competing softwares, this feature is even more powerful, but I would be genuinely happy to have PhotoLab even in the most basic functionality.
I would like this feature to work for RAW and RGB files.
The color balance may also include the Color picker tool. However, it is important, after using the Color picker, it is possible make fine adjustments to the sliders. Currently, if I use the RGB WHITE BALANCE function slider to fine correction, it cancels the action of the Color picker.
The idea is for RAW files to have 2 functions - WHITE BALANCE and COLOR BALANCE. For RGB files - COLOR BALANCE only.
For RAW files this would give me the advantage of leaving WHITE BALANCE on AS SHOT and making a fine correction with a COLOR BALANCE tool. Often the white balance of the camera is close to what I want, and I need a simple fine adjustment.

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Have you checked the hsb tool?
White balance tint might help too…

It lets you adust color more specifically, not just for r, g and b.


… and Channel mixer for B&W in FilmPack too.

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Thank you for the offer.
If you have an HSL tool in mind, I tested it soon after I bought PhotoLab. In my previous software I used it often to magnify the brightness in a certain color. Unfortunately, I do not like the realization in PhotoLab. I have now removed the HSL tool from my personal palette. I see that there is already a theme for developing this tool. But as long as this change does not happen, this tool for me is not particularly useful. In any case, however, this tool does not replace COLOR BALANCE.
The COLOR BALANCE effect can easily be recreated with the output level sliders in TONE CURVE. But my goal with PhotoLab is to make basic, fast, easy and qualitative processing of a large number of images. Such as a wedding. In this case, fewer clicks are better.


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