Request: cache a few recently processed files in memory

I have PhotoLab to automatically apply the standard profile. If I want to compare which one of the two photos of the same subject looks better, I have to switch between them. PhotoLab is then re-applying the corrections every time I switch to a photo, hence it’s not caching the result of the corrections. The delay between switching to a recently processed image and displaying its corrected version makes it more difficult to analyse subtle differences between two versions of the same shot (at least for me - my short-term memory is not very good). Couldn’t PhotoLab cache in memory a few recently processed files? It would increase the memory footprint by e.g. 100mb, which isn’t much by today’s standards. (If memory use is a problem, it could be an optional feature).

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Adding a feature that lets you compare any 2,3,4… images would be swell too…