Replacing PL3 with PL4 best practices?

I seem to remember some confusion about saving presets and sidecars etc. when upgrading to PL3.
Thank you.

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The upgrade seems to have been smooth for me. Photolab 4 seems to have carried across all the edits I made in Photolab 3, in the images I have looked at so far, although I have to say that Photolab 3 remains on my computer and I have not done an extensive side by side analysis.

When upgrading builds, I just install over the top of an existing version. DxO uninstalls the old version for you automatically anyway.

Today I uninstalled 3.3 manually, then ran the 4.0 installer. Nothing out of the ordinary. I did need to reset some of my views, but all of my sidecars were present and working normally.

4.0 for windows looks great! Thanks DxO

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