Replace/Remove Sidecar Popups

I find these two popups very annoying, specially when testing a transition between different versions of PhotoLab.


  • Replace these popups by something that does not have to be acknowledged by the user.
    e.g. status light or progress bar in DPL’s toolbar. Maybe the progress icon could be reused with a tooltip pointing out the action that triggered the progress bar.

What is the purpose of these pop-ups? I don’t seem to recall seeing anything similar in the Windows version.


When I manually export or import DOP sidecar files, the popups appear.

If automatic import/export is active, the popups do not appear. If not showing the popups is okay with automatic import/export, it might as well be okay that they stay away when automatic i/e is off.

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Possibly the best approach might be a “Don’t show again” checkbox?


The Win version takes a “middle” approach;

  • There’s no pop-up when exporting a sidecar … unless one already exists
  • There is a pop-up when importing a sidecar … Which is rather pointless, as you suggest.