REPAIR TOOL - Undo/delete single repair? (Resolved)

Shoot me if this has been dealt with before - I couldn’t find it…!
Preparing a sequence of 5 shots for a panorama, I repaired some sky sensor spots in the first image, along with other global selections. I want to copy and paste the corrections to the other images in the sequence, but in 2 of them part of the sky area is covered by hillside - and the repairs in these areas don’t work.
I can RESET the repairs, but then I have to re-do ALL the repairs, including the ones that do work across all the images.
I would rather just remove (delete) the 2 or 3 repairs I don’t want. Is this possible?

Individual repairs can be made if “show masks” is checked.

  1. enable show mask at the bottom of the preview (rectangle)
  2. select the desired handle and press DELETE (circle)

As easy as that! Thankyou.