Repair tool not working—M1 Mac running Big Sur

No matter whether I’ve got the clone tool or repair tool tab highlighted, I only get the clone tool. Has only occurred since the latest update (PL 4.3.2). Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas on how to fix? (I’d be willing to just downgrade to an earlier build if possible.)


I’m sorry but PL4 is not officially compatible with High Sierra

Oops, I misspoke. I’m running Big Sur.

Welcome to the forum @thalarctos9.
I have updated the post’s title to ‘Big Sur’ instead of High Sierra :wink:

I don’t have this issue but am having repeated other compatibility issues on Macbook Pro M1 with the filmstrip on library and customise tabs which were supposed to have been dealt with in update but have now recurred.

Hi,thalarctos, Mac mini M1 Big Sur, no problem for me, it works fine