Repair "feature" causing more work

I posted an earlier report about this but I don’t think I explained myself well so I am having another go at it.

I use Repair a lot ( old scratched B/W negatives) and I usually have my left hand ready on Ctrl-Z to undo a repair that never worked as I hoped.
However the response of Photolab 6 to Ctrl-Z has changed from Photolab 5 meaning that I end up with having to use the mouse. As soon as I hit ctrl the “show masks” box is activated and the mask of the latest repair is shown - along with all other masks. I then hit Z while holding down Ctrl and the repair is undone but the other masks stay shown. I have to then enlarge the repair box and click off the “Show masks” to get rid of the other masks.
Photolab 5 just undid the repair with Ctrl-Z
Is there anyway to get back to the Photolab 5 behaviour when pressing Ctrl-Z in repair mode?

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there is a new version available

  • to remove all corrections hit reset

  • to remove a single correction out of several,
    choose the one you want to remove with your mouse
    and hit delete

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The behaviour is the same on the new version- downloaded and installed today HOWEVER your advice to use the delete key lead me to try it without clicking on the last correction. It just works without showing the other masks which is how I want it to without using another mouse movement.
This means I now
Click the mouse pointer on the place to be repaired.
If not satisfied with this hit delete and the repair is undone without all the masks appearing.
I just checked this on Version 5 and it works the same and is the same as the Undo action with Ctrl-Z.
I didn’t know this was possible so I am a happy camper. I can just use delete key to undo last repair without worrying about other masks appearing. Much more efficient.

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Ctrl-z on PhotoLab 6.1 now works as you originally expected it to. Not sure why you think it still doesn’t. I just tested it.


Thanks for the reply
I just tested it again on 6.1 and Ctrl-Z does undo the repair (as it always did) but also turns on showing all the other masks that have previously been applied IF the cursor is on the image where it is normally when I am working.
If the cursor is outside the image then this does not happen so yes I could move the cursor to outside the image and then use Ctrl-Z to undo. This was not the case in V5. You did not have to move the cursor.

In any event I am happy to have discovered that “del” undoes the repair and is a much more efficient way to work with repair on my images. I prefer the masks not to be showing unless I purposely want to.

Unfortunately, or should I say fortunately, the new Retouch functionality in PL6 is far more complex than the Repair tool of PL5. Perhaps DxO will revisit it and correct minor usability issues like the one you identified.


I am glad it has more functions and now I have discovered “del” to undo a repair I am happy with it.

also check

→ new [ M ]