Repair / clone tool: how to select another image as source?

On their webpage DXO describe the new clone/repair tool of PL3 and state: “Areas can be manually selected and you can even use another image as your source”.
Has anybody managed to do so and can give insight how to select another image as source? No information in the manual on that.

It’s a mistake.
You cannot.

O.k. Thank you!


Yep, it’s a misleading info. It will be corrected as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Svetlana G.

Would be great feature though!

Hmmm… :roll_eyes: So DXO decides for itself what is the best result…? :thinking: Which it seldom is :unamused:

Initially, yes. But then you can move the source yourself.

By creating a form of stacking and combine to lose moving objects like cars ans people?
Or by changing the text?

You can even change after selection from repair to clone or visaversa.

Only thing what isn’t possible, jet, changing shape of the clone/repair mask.
But you can move source, destination, feathering, opacity, which i find in combination with the AI of the original selection working quite well.

One thing you need to remember: First do all horizon, perspective adjustments. Because the masking layer of clone/repair doesn’t move with those changes.
Again, jet. In the future if it’s possible it will.
No program is finished. Only the abandoned one’s :wink:
DxOPL is far from abandoned so with some patience( i hope i got the right word before i got slayed like last time :grin:) it will be perfectioned.

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Thank you so much for a quick answer. Just to have it on record: I am truly amazed of DXO PL and VP. I gave up LR as it is subscribe only. As a true amateur, paying every month was not an option. I also bought On1 Gold with EVERYTHING with a huge discount last month. Have not used it yet.

Is there any video, Youtube, that explains this? So much easier to see and hear.

Skim the tutorial section of this forum lots of experimenting of forummembers is placed there. And @Pieloe 's online manual. Is a great start to learn the trics.
(it also there to find as link)
Enjoy the learning.


Thanx! :grinning:


Here is the link Tutorial DxO PhotoLab by the user

Svetlana G.


Merci! :clap: :grinning:

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