Repair/Clone exercies


—> It is important - all three targets are very near to the edge. <—

On the right side of the picture You can see results of cloning (Feathering = 0, Opacity = 100).

On top is result of only one mouse click. Source is round but result is eliptical.
Below is line drawn from right to left.
Result shape is +/- ok
Bottom is line drawn from left to right.
+/- ok

And now we are moving all targets fro right edge to left egde.
Top target is eliptical - no change.
But two bottom targets are very strange, and shape depends on where is anchor point.

If You have similar behavior please tell me which os, what GPU and what version of driver.

Thank You Darek K


I think it is file type depandant.
This sample is dng file created from Sony RX100m2 arw file.
As I investigate - similar, but smaller shift without rotation is with RX100m5 file.
Target is little larger in horisontal dimension on both sides.
And when file is from RX100m7 target is little smaler than white outline opposite to anchor point.

Thank You Darek K

Using DPL 4.1.2 on macOS Mojave, I get no such effects. Both “repair” and “clone” modes do the same: One-click stays round, dragging creates “sausages” of equal length.

Sometimes, corrections can get difficult. Here’s one thread that elaborates on it.

I’m not aware of anything that would alter the shape of local adjustment masks. But a number of people have been asking for masks to change shape and position if the underlying image also changes shape and position. Could DxO be experimenting with this?

Did you apply geometrical adjustments to the image after cloning, such as Perspective correction, Horizon/rotation adjustment, or Distortion correction? Or does the cloning action immediately produce a correctly-shaped mask with distorted changes to the image (as your screen capture shows)?

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It is different. It’s mirrored.


This appears to be due to applying a Distortion correction, even before making the Clones.

Set the Distortion to based on DxO module…

Capture d’écran 2021-01-16 à 17.23.08

No problem…

Set the distortion manually…

Capture d’écran 2021-01-16 à 17.22.58

… and we get a displacement…

No matter if and how I set distortion correction, a single click correction remains round…
(DPL 4.1.2 on Mojave on iMac 2019)