Repair brush issues

I have two issues with the Repair brush, both involving the bluish representation of the tool’s brush shape, which I will refer to now as ‘the blob’.

  1. When I change the tool’s size slider the blob becomes invisible until I next click. This can make it difficult to use in tight spaces. Once a click or drag has occurred, the blob is once again visible.

  2. If I change my OS pointer size the blob also changes size, meaning it is no longer representative of the actual brush size.

Both of these can make using the tool troublesome.

I’m on the latest version of PL4, and this has been happening for at least 3 versions.

The invisible Repair brush after resize is extremely frustrating. It often means using the brush, undoing the bad repair and starting over again with a visible brush. It would be great if DxO would fix this.

On the other hand, I’m not sure why a user would be changing his/her OS pointer size in the middle of a digital darkroom session, outside of bug hunting.

The size problem doesn’t come about as a result of changing the pointer size, as such. If the system pointer size is larger than default then the blob is also larger as I think it is implemented as a custom pointer. So it is a permanently oversized brush representation.

I don’t change my default pointer but certainly Photolab should not be making the brush size larger visually than it is in terms of pixels based on default pointer size. That is a serious user interface bug.

Blob size must be independent of cursor/pointer size.
Blob size must correspond to what is actually “blobbed” in the image, thus change with image zoom level.