Rendering of Nik Collection 2.3.1

Good morning, Everyone,

I have just installed the new version 2.3.1 of Nik Collection and I realized, to my great surprise and pleasure, that I could have a “Wet Collodion” rendering.
I tested it and had it evaluated by a photographer friend of mine, we love it.
In these eve of holidays, I wish you a very good weekend and happy New Year’s Eve.

Kind Regards,

Hi Nicolas – Could you post an example for our viewing pleasure (?)

John M

Hello John,
Sure, I’ll post one.
I wish you an Happy New Year for 2020.

Here it is:

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Thanks, Nicolas - - Now I understand what you mean … What a great “atmosphere” it creates !

John M

Hello John,
Yes, It’s create a very great “atmosphere”.
I’ve always wanted to try to reproduce this kind of rendering and here I found exactly what I needed.
I love it.

I wish you a good day and a good week-end.

Nicolas B