Rendering engine stop working for no reason

Hello Everyone,

I am experiencing a strange behavior since the installation of the latest PL4 version.

I am currently editing a large project (nearly 800 pics in raw), and while go through every pics, editing each one individually the rendering process suddenly stop working. It means I can move every sliders or options like brightness, contrast, vibrance…the rendered image is not updated anymore. The only workaround is to close completely PL4 and start again.

It happened 4-6 times today already.

I didn’t find any reason for that.

Happened with DNG, CR2, and CR3 files, from various camera (645z, R, RP,…)

Another note, that I already stated years ago (I think it was for DxO6 or 7) : I would like to have a clear menu of saving the database / or the sidecar files, so for each project I have the choice to select If I want to save on the sidecar files, the database, both…and see a progress bar of saving, or before closing the software after a long session I could have the option “check that the project is correctly saved”.


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The same thing occasionally happened to me when running PL3 on Windows 10. It did not occur often and it was not repeatable. I don’t recall if this happened yet in PL4…


Yes, this has also been reported with PL4. I’ve experienced it, too. I don’t know why - but I tend to do my work in smaller batches now and in newly named folders so as to minimize database problems.


Hi Kyosato. You do not need to worry about the database being updated, as it’s being updated continuously. For sidecar/.dop updates there can be a slight delay - but, if you want to be sure to be sure then you can use File menu option to flush them out; image

I see that you’re a long time OP/PL user, so this may not be relevant to you … but, as that’s a lot of RAW files for PL to be wading thru, you may find this useful.

John M

Thanks for the replies,

I found a simplier workaround when the rendering engine stop working, instead of forcing a relaunch by simply closing/restart PL4, you can force the rendering engine to restart by clicking on “local adjustments” near the quick tools, and then again (as if you finished local adjusting. Works better like this.
Though, the rendering engine not crashing would be better.

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