Rename presets stop with "-" numpad


When I rename a preset, the button - of the numpad stop the rename.

I can confirm this :grinning:

With PL5 too

Uuups…correct, havent notice it before because normall I use underline or space

@sgospodarenko / Svetlana would you please so gentle to bring it to the developers area

I forgot that but I just reproduced it by creating another preset, this bug is still there.

Hello Franky,

I would like to know how the developers maintain and work through their error lists.
It’s all getting more and more suspect and annoying.

I’m starting to look around for alternatives as I don’t really need the main benefit of DXO Deepprime.

I’ll give DXO another chance in October with version 7.

Other mothers also have beautiful daughters (proverb in Germany)

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The problem is still there with the V6.5 update today

This might be a Windows only problem. I don’t have the problem on my Mac

@Guenterm please being a Mac and Win user you can confirm that this is a Windows problem only ?

Hi Franky,

a test by me would not make sense for a variety of reasons :grinning:

On my new Windows 11 system I am working with PL4 again, because DXO was not able to reactivate the licence of version 5. I received version 5 after the EA5 campaign, and this version is listed as a lifetime version in my account. I knew that this version could not be upgraded, but reactivating the licence after replacing the computer should be possible with a lifetime version. Far from it, and after a few emails between support and me, I resigned myself to it. On the Mac I use version 5 occasionally, but since the question it’s about version 6…
At the moment I mostly use Affinity Photo as it gives me decent results for my work, plus I’m taking up new hobbies. Photography is rather rarely listed in my timetable :rofl:.
Now I’m waiting for version 7, and if it doesn’t slowly work out all the bugs between WIN/MAC, implement a better UI, sensible printing etc. I’ll slowly but surely phase DXO out for me. I just don’t feel like working with too many programmes just to get a proper workflow. My life time is too important for that.

Have fun with your development tasks :innocent: :heart_eyes:

The problem is still there with the V6.7 update today

The problem is still there with the V6.8 update today

It might help to tag this topic with the label “bug” (use the edit title/category feature at the top of the page) or report the problem via I’m not seeing any indication that DxO staff have noticed your posts.

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Or they aren’t interested, as we are told they moniter everything here

@Egregius I thought about it but I didn’t find how to modify this.

I just tested with the dash under key 6 and it works.
On the other hand the “+” works with the numpad, it should also be the same for the “-”

Franky - For a post that you created, you should see a little “pencil” icon to the right of its title image

Click on this and you can change the wording, add a “Bug” tag, etc

I don’t have this little pencil.
Maybe this message is too old ?
I reported the problem on the DxO support.

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The problem is still there with the V6.9 update today

I don’t know if it’s already mentioned but that - sign can be used when creating a new preset.