Rename Photo Not Permitted

Using DXO Photolab 4. When i try to rename a photo, I get a message saying “Access Denied”. Any suggestions please.

Which operating system? How are you attempting to rename the file? Can you give us some additional detail and a screen shot?


Check to see if your folder is set to “read only”.

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Thanks for quick replies.
System: Windows 10.
Checked folder: Not read only.
Screenshot 2021-01-05 163051

trying to rename by using F2 or Right click then rename

Was not a problem with Photolab 3. This is still installed-is that a problem?

No - not directly.

Access is denied” … I’m guessing you have another application using this file.


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Good morning

  • can you directly rename with windows explorer
  • can you try to run DXO with admin privileges (right click the icon and choose “run as administrator”

good luck :grinning:

I’ve had a few instances where this would occasionally occur. Try this:

  1. Open Explorer
  2. Right click on the file or folder the file is in and scroll about midway down the list and click on “Give access to” and choose “specific people”.
  3. Check to make sure your Win 10 log-in name and email address is there
  4. If it’s not add it to the list

Thanks everyone for the suggestions, much appreciated.
Just opened Photolab 3 and it lets me rename photos!
John-M: Tried Photolab 4 with no other programs open: Unable to rename
Guenterm: Can rename in explorer (and Photolab 3!)
Opening as administrator: Unable to rename
bsachais: The Win 10 login name is there.

I can rename in Faststone Viewer but I much prefer Photolab as then I don’t mess up the dop files.

Thanks for all the suggestions. If anything else occurs to you , please let me know.

That’s completely baffling, Chris - I have no more suggestions. Sounds like time to open a ticket with DxO Support … with link to this thread to confirm what you’ve tested.

John M

PS. When you find the answer, please let us know.

Thanks John.
Will do

I think it’s an Win10 problem. Never occured on Win7.
Now sometimes even MS Excel denies me access when saving a file…
When I rename using ‘file explorer’ it never is a problem.
Only when working within a program it sometimes refuses access.


Do you use OneDrive or another cloud service? It could be while changes are synchronized that certain operations like renaming/move are limited.

I don’t know how Cris manages his files, but I keep everything ‘local’ …


No, I don’t use any cloud service to synchronise photos.

I also keep all my photos local.

there is one article by MS You receive an “Access denied” error message, and the program unexpectedly quits when you try to open or save a file in an Office program (

no further idea

Hi All,
All your help and suggestions were very much appreciated.
Support also made a number of suggestions.
The solution has been to setup a new user account with administrator rights in Windows,so somehow it’s a windows issue.
Quite baffling, actually as:

  1. My usual login to Windows has the same admin rights as the new user account.
  2. PL 3 allows me to rename under the original user.
    Enough of this, I’m getting back to taking and printing photos!!
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