Rename only working on 1 photo

Hello, new forum user here but I’ve been a DXO 3 user for some time. Shoot with Panasonic G9 and GM5.

The new DXO4 looks very good, DeepPrime is very impressive. I also would like to use the renaming feature but this only works on 1 Photo. As soon as I select a second (or more) Photo(s) the option is grayed out.

iMac with Catalina.


Hi Guus,
It seems to me that you have the Essential version, the ‘Batch Rename’ is available in the Elite version.

More info here:


Hello Steven,

Thanks for your reply. According to the splash screen it should be the Elite version. I currently also have the DXO 3 Elite with Viewpoint.


This is strange, it should work then!
The highlighted choice (in the attached screenshot) is not available for you when selecting 2 or more images, do you confirm?

What happens if you use the shortcut “cmd + enter”? Does it work this way?

For the record, I’m using the Trial at this moment.

Yes, but the trial offers 30 days of the Elite version…this is strange. Did you try using the keyboard shortcut to trigger the batch rename?

Yes I did and I just tried again but that’s not working either. I’'ll delete DXO 4 from the system and install it again to see if that helps.

I see…
Keep me updated then, and if it doesn’t solve the issue, get in touch with our customer support.

Hi Steven
I have the same problem.
PL 3 Elite + FP + VP + PL 4 Free Trail Demo


Sorry to here that but good to know I’m not the only one.

Reinstalling the software didn’t help. I opened a ticket with support.


I just downloaded the trial version (Elite + FP + VP). I have the same problem.

Removing preferences and database does not change anything. I am on macOS Catalina 10.15.7.



@StevenL, same here.
Removed PL3 and PL4ß today to install PL4.0.0.42 in trial mode today: Rename only work for one single file. If I select two or more files the menu item is grayed out.
Could it be that the renaming tool is not activated during the trial when it should ?

This is a horrible restriction to put on the Basic version, Steven. If there’s a renamer tool, it should work properly on all versions. Making EXIF based renaming an Elite feature (you don’t have that yet) would be fine.

From an Elite user who is hence impartial in this debate, except in terms of wishing new users to have a good experience of Photolab to help DxO build a larger userbase.


I am experiencing with the same thing with the demo on 2019 iMac, Catalina 10.15.7.

Hello, there is a page with the differences between the versions under and there is the information about in germany
Essential Elite

but in my mind that is not exactly clear what Stapelverarbeitung (batch) includes.
And I agree with Alec that renaming has to be part of both versions.

best regards

Guenter (owning the Elite Version :smile:)

Is there a reason my message are kept waiting for approval?

I just received the following answer from support.

Our developers stated that they are working on batching renaming at this time, and it will be part of an update coming very soon. Thank you for your patience.

I guess we have to wait for the update. Looks like a bug in the trial version to me.


I’m on v4.0.0 build 42 downloaded as Trial then applied licence code.

And I can rename 5 files in my examples by rename+adding numbering and it works.

I confirm.
Applied the licence code and it is working now.
Definitely a little bug in the trial mode to activate the renaming feature.

The latest update fixed this in the trail version.


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