Rename export settings

It would be very useful to be able to rename export settings, instead of having “Output settings 1”, “Output settings 2”,“Output settings 3” and so on…

Shouldn’t be too complicated and could make the export window clearer!

Not sure what you mean…Can you add a screenshot illustrating your issue?

Here is the screenshot: image
The idea is to be able to rename the name of output settings (circled in red on the left).

Hope it is clearer now.

You can do it.

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Click on the name and change it.
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Thank you! Now I feel dumb, but a bit more knowledgeable :slight_smile:

And don’t forget that, if you check more than one panel, the selected image will be exported multiple times, once for each setting checked…

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I knew about that, even if it was not really explicit at first… but it is very useful!

That is interesting. I did not know that. I’m not certain that feature is available in the Windows version. Maybe someone else can confirm or I will test it myself later when I get home.


Yes, the same in Windows.

Screen Shot 12-09-21 at 06.42 PM

Thanks. I assume that you are referring to being able to select more than one export type at a time not just how to rename one. The image you posted is about renaming an option, not selecting multiple ones.

If the windows version is capable of selecting more than one type of output at a time I’ would be glad to hear it. After 4 years of almost daily use of PhotoLab, it would be refreshing to learn about a useful feature that I did not know existed. :smile:

Please confirm if you can select multiple export options at the same time in Windows. If no one responds positively to this, I will test it myself when I get home.


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Just tried PL5 on Windows (Windows 10). I can select multiple export options at the same time, and then after starting the export each of the selected export options successfully produces the expected output image.

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Fantastic, thank you so much for following up on this. I will play with this feature myself later.


yes, and multiple export :slight_smile:

I remember that feature was even part of some DxO ad. → page 205 → Elite Version only

BTW, somewhere I had suggested to modify the present “Add new option”, so that one can choose a custom setting, add it as a copy, adjust some settings and rename the thing. And yes, to be able move them up / down in the list (at least to react for alphabetical order). – My old LR 5.7 can handle that.

att. @StevenL