Remove xmp-crs data in EXIF when exporting to DNG

When PL5 exports to DNG - optical and NR only, it adds crs data to the EXIF. This means that when imported in Lightroom, we have to do a reset to get the original “look” back, which is written in another part of the EXIF, but these -crs instructions overwrite it.

This is the section that is written to the EXIF and overrides the camera settings:

--- XMP-crs ----
Color Noise Reduction           : 0
Luminance Smoothing             : 0
Sharpness                       : 0
Already Applied                 : False
Process Version                 : 11.0
Look Name                       : Adobe Color
Look Amount                     : 1.000000
Look Parameters Camera Profile  : Adobe Standard
Look Parameters Look Table      : E1095149FDB39D7A057BAB208837E2E1
Look Parameters Tone Curve PV2012: 0, 0, 22, 16, 40, 35, 127, 127, 224, 230, 240, 246, 255, 255

I don’t see why these crs data are added (crs= “Camera Raw Settings”, which is for Adobe CameraRaw, the developing engine for Lightroom and Photoshop).

Thank you.

PS I use Fujifilm.

Hello Dirk Offringa,
There is an issue in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), and it’s a workaround we did for selection of default rendering in ACR if it was not given. By default, when open a raw image in Lightroom, it will apply the Adobe Color profile on the image, and we would like to do the same thing for the linear DNG. Normally, if PhotoLab finds that there exists a color profile in the xmp (for example, you applied the Adobe Monochome on the image in Lightroom before transferring to PhotoLab), it will keeps the profile as it is. Do you have an example in which there is the “original” color profile in the EXIF, but after exporting in the linear DNG with PhotoLab, it was overwritten by the Adobe Color? If that is the case, can you share the image with us? We would like to check if there is an issue in our side.
Thank you

Hi, literally all Fujifilm raw files have the “as-shot” profile written to the EXIF, and in Lightroom there 's a parameter where we can specify if we want raw files to apply the camera settings, or to apply Adobe Defaults, or to apply a custom preset. I have set this to “camera settings”. But it’s not the only issue with the EXIF you add:

Steps to follow:

  • 1: select any Fujifilm .raf file shot with any profile, say Classic Chrome, preferably with a lot of red color in it
  • 2 :open in Photolab
  • 3: export to Lightroom as DNG “optical corrections and NR only”
  • 4: the profile applied in LR after import is Adobe Color. Please observe the red hue
  • 5: hit “reset”
  • 6 :the profile applied is now Classic Chrome (or whatever the “as shot” profile is) and the “amount” slider is gone (as expected: profiles do not have a amount slider, only “looks” can have one)
  • 7: change to Adobe Color from the dropdown list of profiles: observe the red hue: it’s not the same as observed at step 4.
  • 8: go back in the History and click on the first entry “imported”: is still AdobeColor, but (as expected) the “amount” slider is back. Now observe the red hue. It has changed back to step 4


Just click on the history steps to observe the different renderings.

So we have two issues here: the fact that we get Adobe Color in the first place, because of the xmp-crs entry specifying some development settings like “set profile to Adobe Color”, “apply tone curve”

The other issue is that, as observed in step 7, these additional parameters (the tone curve and look table) are modifying what Adobe Color should look like.
So we have now in Lightroom TWO different interpretations of “Adobe Color”. (Yours exposes the amount slider and apllies a tone curve on top: it’s a “look”)

It’s all very messy… and it becomes even more messy when we import DNGs that have presets from FilmPack applied.Those extra hue-shifts are very difficulto to get rid of.

What needs to be done is to make sure that DNG’s look the same in LR as they look in PL5, and that there’s no messing around with rendering in LR if we just apply optical corrections and noise reduction in PL5…

I’d suggest that a simple start is to have a parameter in the preferences tab that switches the EXIF “Already Applied” field on or off as a default setting, so at least we get some control over this.

(I have observed that there are many decisions made by DxO that are either hard-coded, or hidden parameters that should be user-configurable.)

Here’s a comparison from within LR (no processing applied): left: the raw file with Adobe Color applied; middle: opened in PL5, and exported to Lightroom as DNG “optical + NR only”, with Adobe Color as in step 7 (the “real” Adobe Color); right: same, but as imported like in step 4 (“the DxO modded Adobe Color”).

Here is the original raw file:
(Note: the raw file will display with the embedded preview which was shot with Classic Chrome)

Feel free to ask for more information. I had already discussed something very similar some months earlier and filed a support ticket, BTW, I think it’s related.

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Hello Dirk Offringa
Thank you for your feedback with useful details. I can reproduce the issue now. I created a bug in our side to fix it.
Have a nice day!


Great! Looking forwardto the fix. Thanks for caring oubout this issue

have a nice day too