Remove the exclamation mark

When I imported some new presets, I accidentally pressed the “Run” button and the image with the focus on it changed. I immediately noticed my mistake and pressed CTRL-Z, but now there is the exclamation mark, even though everything is back to its old state. How can I get rid of the exclamation mark without having to export the image again? Is there any trick?


No problem!
The exclamation mark just means tou made a modifiaction after the last exportation.
You know this is not the case :wink:

I know what it means. But I want to have it gone away. I want my folders and images “clean”.

Maybe remove the .dop file with the same filename?

Export the images again :wink:

As Pascal says, there is no way to get rid of the ‘!’ without reprocessing. I raised this ages ago in the Early Access forum but DxO seems content with the current arrangement.

I have more than once accidently set the ‘!’ flag on every image in a folder because they were all still selected following a batch export and I accidentally changed just one tool setting before deselecting.



If this were a votable feature request, it would get my vote. My suggestion is to add an option to return the image to its last exported state - thus removing the exclamation icon. Maybe that’s not possible with the current state model, though. After all, PhotoLab doesn’t offer a running history of adjustments applied - just the option to undo the adjustments one by one, which I’m guessing ignores exports.


An automatic reset as you suggest would be ideal. However, recognising that might require an inapropriate amount of development work I suggested a means of turning the ‘!’ sign OFF manually be provided. In every case I have accidently adjusted a setting I have reset it to the original position, so a simple manual reset of the ‘!’ is all that I would need.