Remove image does not move file to trash

I’m using PL4 on Mac OS Catalina. When I delete an image, it does not get moved to the trash as it used to when I was still on Sierra or High Sierra. I do not use projects in PL4, just folders.
It doesn’t matter whether I use the keyboard shortcut (command-backspace) or the context menu. The image file gets deleted from my SSD, so in case of an error, I have no way of getting it back unless I have another copy somewhere.
Has this changed or am I missing something?

I have already tried to grant full disk access to PL4 via MacOS‘ Prefences -> Security & Privacy -> Full Disk Access, but it doesn’t make any difference.

I am using the same setup here and, when I delete a file, from within PL4, it goes to the trash. Even if the same named file is already in the trash, there is no problem.

Don’t you just hate it when someone uses that “works here” line? :roll_eyes:

Same for me on Mac OS Big Sur.

Hate is such a strong word :).
Anyways, it was still a useful answer since it told me that it must be something other than PL4.
So after a bit more searching I found out that my ~/.Trash folder was apparently somehow broken (or MacOS got confused about something). Anyways, long story short, deleting the ~/.Trash folder (“sudo rm -d ~/.Trash” in Terminal) and logging out and then back in to my user account, did the trick.

PS: Looks like the Trash folder wasn’t actually deleted since after logging in again, it contained the images and .dop files I had deleted this morning. So for some reason, MacOS just didn’t want me to see those files. Maybe the logging out and back in was all that I had to do in the end.

Don’t!!! That’s beginning to sound like the Windows mantra of close all windows, go to the Start button to quit, then restart and reopen all windows :crazy_face:

Oh, yeah, I meant to write “MacOS probably figured that I didn’t actually want to delete my trash folder and instead just have it working again, so it just did the right thing” :rofl:

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t have the best track record with their OS as of at least the last 2 or 3 major versions. Microsoft is not giving up that crown that easily, though, as it seems, so things could always be worse, I guess. And logging in and out was unfortunately necessary. Just deleting the trash folder (it actually wasn’t being listed by “ls -la” anymore) and then have MacOS recreate it by dragging something to trash didn’t fix it. Logging in and out was actually required.
At least I didn’t have to reboot and try 5 different things as I surely would have had to with Windows.

Anyways, issue solved. Thanks for the quick responses, everyone. Stay safe.