remove export option

I’ve created an option in my export drop down that doesn’t work, how can I delete it?

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I wish that could be done. Here’s an old feature request for PhotoLab that was responded to by increasing the size of the list, but was never voted for or approved:

Someone might have found a way for PhotoLab, but it isn’t supported:

Could you elaborate a little, Trevor … Which drop-down ?
Perhaps provide a screenshot.

John M

It’s OK thanks John, the post from egregius tells me it can’t be done.

Thanks Egregius. I tried deleting PureRAW2 and reinstalling yesterday but surprisingly it kept the contents on the drop-down list. I say surprisingly because when I updated to version 2, I had to re add AP to the list.

For the record, I have just tried a complete reinstall , this time checking that all the associated Appdata was removed yet still the erronous entry remains. The list must be present somewhere else on the PC. Does anybody know which file contains the data? I’ve attached the screen shot. The first Affinity Photo links to AP1 the second Affinity Photo is the bad one. I understand that I can’t change this from within PurRAW but I must be able to delete all of the added contents of the box somehwere

thank you for the link etc. – It looks that the developers ‘forgot’ about it. :frowning:

Update, I have deleted the extra drop down options by editing the RegistryItemExportApplicationCustom Apps. Thanks for the advice