Remove DxO VIEWPOINT after trial time

How can i Remove DxO VIEWPOINT after trial time …
Where are the files i must remove from my computer ? ( to gain some Mo space on my too small SSD )

On a mac all your applications are in the folder “Applications” - on a Mac you can normally just trash the app.
You can also install an app like “App cleaner” to get a more complete romoval of all files connected with this app. I use App Cleaner, it is free.

If you run VP in PL, there are no special files installed.

Ok, but i would like to remove the advertisement on launching window … ( i know i’m perfectionist … )

Try to remove the licence file dxoviewpoint3_3.0_*.lic in

%ProgramData%\DxO Labs\Licenses
~/Library/Application Support/DxO Labs/Licenses


I have remove that on Library file :

Nothing find in Library / application support/DXOlabs


Nothing change … :frowning:

The DNG image that you used to install ViewPoint also contains an uninstall app.
To remove the license, go to the following folder on your Mac:
/Library/Application\ Support/DxO\ Labs/Licenses/ and move the license file to the trash

Or paste the following into a terminal window and press enter at your own risk:
rm /Library/Application\ Support/DxO\ Labs/Licenses/dxoviewpoint330.lic