Remove DxO PL4 from Windows **Open With** context menu

DxO does not follow the convention of most software, so editing the registry in the normal fashion will not work. Any suggestions? This question comes from another user at DPReview.


What do you mean with this?


Most Open With entries can be removed by registry edits. PL4 does not appear to follow the convention of storing its open with info in the usual reg keys and so cannot be removed by this method. 3rd party solutions do not work either.

See the link for more info.


I still don’t understand.
Editing the registry is NOT a normal fashion.
And what ‘open with’ do you mean. The one that’s part of the os or the one in the pl4 export dialog. The first one is out of reach of a program, it’s a os setting. The second one is something as ‘export to application’.


If you followed the link I provided and still don’t understand, there’s likely nothing I can do to help you achieve understanding. Thanks for your replies.

I think we are all following just fine. The question to you is why? Why do you want to remove this entry from the right-click context menu? What about it is so bothersome.

^^^^ THIS.

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Are you sure?

If you’ll reread my first post, you’ll discover that this question/issue is not mine but was posted by another user at DPR; I’m simply trying to help out. It’s really none of my business or concern why he wants to do this, nor should it be yours. The question is CAN it be done and, if so, how?

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That’s the first problem. We don’t know the original question and I doubt if you did.
"Opening with " is a os utility. Read your own link. There is nothing to blame DXO.



For what it’s worth, I think the question is reasonable, pertinent to PhotoLab’s installation, and even interesting for learning. I understood the question perfectly. I don’t understand these defensive responses.


Thank you for that reply. George was partially correct, however, in that I misstated the DPR guy’s specific issue. It’s been a couple of weeks since I read the original post so I am at fault for not referencing it. The thread is here so that interested parties may read it if they wish.

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The second post in that link gave the answer.


Not according to the OP. I posted a possible solution, waiting for the OP to respond. Thanks to those who made an effort to help.