Remeoving PL3

Jus uppgraded PL3 to PL4 on my Mac. Now I have both versions and would like to uninstall PL3. Can’t find a way to completely remove it. Help would be appreciated.

I use this App on my Mac:

But be careful in the files it selects, double check, triple check before uninstalling. It can contains files from different PhotoLab versions or from other Apps. The responsibility is yours. In case you are not sure which App a file belongs just uncheck the box and leave it as is.

Hope this helps.

Thank’s for replies. I’ll try those.

Finder > Applications and dragging PL3 to the trash is a good place to start.

Look here: Can I now delete DxO Photolab and DxO Photolab 2?

In later versions of Mac OS, once you drag the app to the trash, a dialogue pops up showing associated files to delete. Similar to AppCleaner.

Didn’t happen with Catalina 10.15.7 and that’s why I asked for help in the first place. I have managed to remove PL3 with AppRemoval. I could have done it fully manually but didn’t have the energy to check through all directories. Thanks for help anyway.

A quick way to search for obscure files is a free app called EasyFind.