Can I now delete DxO Photolab and DxO Photolab 2?

Hi - I upgraded to Photolab 3 on its release, and I still have Photolab and Photolab 2 sitting on my apps list.

Can I now safely delete these two older versions - it would release close to 1Gb of space which would be most welcome.

Thanks in advance for any guidance offered.


Hello Andrew, It depends if you are using Mac or Windows. If using Mac then I cannot help you as I don’t ‘dig’ the Mac’s.

If using Windows, go to Control Panel (type in the seach bar if you cannot find it), then click on ‘Programs and Features’, a list of installed programs will be shown.

Select the version you want to uninstall, perform a right click and select uninstall. Then just follow the instructions.

If you have more than one version you want to install, then you will have to uninstall each individually, following the same process.

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Hi Mark, and thank you for sharing the information.

I use Macs, but I really appreciate your effort nonetheless.


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Just drag the PL1 and PL2 app to the trash, you’ll be fine, it won’t affect PL3 which read older version of PL files.
You could dig deeper in the system to remove more if you want.

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Hello Andrew,
I am on a Mac and I can confirm what mikerofoto said - just drag the app into the trash can.
If you want to have amore thorough removal you can use an app like “App Cleaner” to remove PL2


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DxO PhotoLab puts things into several Mac folders

/Library/Application Support/
/var/…/…/ (long way to Tipperary: better leave this alone)
/Users/xyz/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Modules/
/Users/xyz/Library/Application Support/

Be careful when you trash things from within the /Library/ folder. It contains system relevant items.


Hi, and thank you all very much indeed for the help.

I’ll heed the advice and use appcleaner to do the job.