Release the eye dropper when changing tab or other settings

When we use the WB eye dropper or the Color eye dropper or the center magnifying glass (denoising tab), it may stays active while we adjust other settings or navigate to another tab.
In terms of usability, we should automatically lost the eye dropper when we change the focus on something else.


I agree, this has caught me out a few times!

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we discussed it in June 20 with crop tool, and later with magnifier and so on.

I think it would be easier to follow a clear strategy.
You work with one tool and all the possibilities within this tool are active on the screen by choosing it.
Changing the tool all the helping dropper, rectangles, magnifier and so on from the tool you used before disappears. Also if you deactivate the tool with the ON/Off switch in the palette.

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I don’t agree with switching off myself the dropper/rectangle magnifier. In the UX best practises, fewer clicks gives better user experience. For one picture, we are supposed to click enough times without needing to add unnecessary clicks and goings and comings IMHO. And you have to multiply it with an entire pictures folder.

Test it, yourself to see how boring it is !
Open a picture, zoom it bigger than you screen (to force to move it by hand) .
Change the HSL colour using the colour picker, then go directy to the exposure tab to change it (for example) or whatsoever.
You will still glued with the colour picker. Why ? I don’t use it any more ! So now, why should I go back to the colour tab to switch it off ? You can navigate a long time changing settings with this cursor glued with the colour picker or WB or Denoising magnifier. It’s just boring and can be error-prone with the WB picker if you click one more time to get the focus to move into a zoomed picture for example.

It’s not a feature, it’s a bug or a UX misconception !

I agree with Deneice on this. I frequently find it frustrating that, after using the White Balance or HSL Colour Picker and then moving my attention to another palette, it’s the Colour Picker that is still active. It’s particularly frustrating with the White Balance if I’ve spent a little while finding an area for the picker that gives me a White Balance I want. While I know I can always revert with Ctrl-Z I agree that you shouldn’t have to do this.

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I’ll just reply to agree with the general consensus that the picker tool or the denoise magnifier should automatically turn off once another tool is selected. I view it as more of a minor annoyance, but it is an annoyance none the less. It runs counter to the way most UXs work, and hence what most people expect. An exception to common UX design element might be justified if it has some overwhelming utility, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

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And I also agree with all of you! Changing tool should stop any further processing in the previous tool.

Unless it is when using the ViewPoint tools and need to interactive reframe the image to follow the distortion corrections.

No change in DXO5 , still this unlogical and annoying behavior. DXO please could you make something in a next update ?