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Hy DxO Team,

reading the release notes of Photolab V2.2.1 i wonder if you could be a bit more specific with the correction of “minor bugs”?
Sure, software documentation is not a fun job, but as you can read all over your forum, quite a lot of users are complaining about bugs and possible enhancements of photolab. IMHO i think it would be a nice feedback and a good information for users not following the forum every day, to know what really has changed in the software.

PS: the results with PL2 are amazing



Thank you for the feedback and the kind words. Let me draw @CaptainPO attention to this post.

Currently we have a story on improving the Release note window (especially Windows version needs it).

Svetlana G.

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I assume that posts about bugs that have been reported through the forum and that have been fixed are marked correspondingly…

Yes, I hate that “minor bugs” language as well. Thank Apple. They used to offer detailed release notes but now hide as much information as possible. DxO probably thinks Apple style communication is cool – most valuable company in the world, right? – but Apple is about to hit very hard times for ignoring and abusing its users since the death of Jobs. In eight years, decades of passionate customer goodwill have been burned to the ground with buggy software, discontinued software, missing hardware (Mac Pro, 17" MBP), constantly changing power adapters/ports, poor warranty service, defective by design software updates to slow down older hardware and absurd pricing.

So a big no to this non-communicative, top down, condescending style of communication. Please make the release notes as detailed as possible.