Reflect changes made in external editor

Change PhotoLab so that it displays changes made to images by external editors. Currently if I send an image to Photoshop or some other pixel editor, make some changes and save it back for further processing in PhotoLab I generally do not see the changes that were made, and thus can not further adjust the image.

Hi Mike,

I guess you know that if you are working on a RAW file in DPL, what you described is impossible ? Only if you save to, say, the TIFF format in the external editor and look at the new file in DPL will you be able to see the changes made in the external editor. If you start from a TIFF file in DPL, things will be different and what you request is already possible.

So you should be more accurate about your workflow.

It is clear that I must not have described what I want clearly enough if I got a comment saying that it is impossible. Let me clarify.

If I am editing a raw image and send it to an external pixel editor via PhotoLab’s Export To Application functionality PL creates a file (tiff based on my settings) with the appropriate PL adjustments and sends it to the application specified. If I then edit that file in the pixel editor and save the changes back to the original tiff that PL created I should see the changes in the image thumbnail in the filmstrip and in the image itself if I select it. Usually PL does not update the thumbnail and, if I select it (the tiff) for further processing after the external edit, I get the image was it existed before the external editing, so further processing in PL is not really possible.

At present what I have to do to make this “round-trip” functionality work is to save the image to a new file name. PL then recognizes the new image in the folder, creates a thumbnail and adds it to the filmstrip. What I want it to do is what every other workflow tool does - recognize the changes to the existing image, update the thumbnail in the filmstrip and allow me to continue processing.

I trust that this is clearer than my original post.

Try F5 key to Refresh the filmstrip.

When I first ran into this problem on my Mac years ago I tried that (forcing a refresh of the filmstrip. The Mac does not have an F5 function to do that). It did not work. Usually what I had to do was to change folders and then return to the original folder. Sometimes that caused the software to re-read the images, but often even that did not work. The only thing that did work every time was to change folders, rename the folder and then switch back.

Clearly that is too much work because this problem occurs almost every time I send an image to an external editor and if I need to do any luminosity masking, puppet warping or other pixel editing on a sequence of images I may have to externally edit almost every image.

The Windows version has a forced re-read of the folder, but the Mac version does not.